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  • Laielle

    french readers & bloggers — in english

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      Jane Eyre, the plot
      Watch the video to learn more about the famous novel written by Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre :

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      Little Women

      Little WomenAuthor : Louisa May Alcott

      Genre : coming of age novel, Bildungsroman

      Edition : I've read this novel on Internet (the link of the entire story is here)

      First publication : 1868

      Summary :                                                        During the Civil War, four daughters : Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March waited and prayed their father who was on the front to went back home as quickly as possible. The war ravaged a lot of towns, including Gettysburg, where the family lived. So the little women and their mother moved to Newcord, hoping for a better life far from the war, for better for worse, between wealth and poverty.

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      The beginning of an adventure :)
      I'm glad to announce you that Bookstories is now open, you know it or not but it takes me a long long time to create the blog, make the design, etc... so I hope you'll enjoy it. Maybe you can see it on our profile page, this account is coll...


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