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  • Brad Mcconel

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      Gathering data before designing process
        When there is data to build on, it is important to look at the product through the eyes of the user, making adjustments based on their pain and motivation to help achieve their goals and satisfy their needs.   This stage allows ...

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      UX Design tips
        a person puts himself in the place of another and perceives the situation from his position and point of view. He makes an effort to feel something exactly as that person will feel it.   This stage is closely related to the stag...

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      Developing UI design kit
      When designing, we also lay down additional “rudiments” - components necessary for a particular case. They can be reused in the next stages, when the corresponding features appear. At the same time, the largest part of the inter...

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      Designing a UI kit before rendering starts
        Our task is to create conditions in which the design can be significantly changed without effort, not only in layouts, but also in code. Including after the end of our work and the transfer of the project to the client.   The cl...


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