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      7 Best Places to Travel in 2019
      St. Lucia Lush rainforests, majestic mountains and passionate resorts are all reasons to go to this Caribbean island. A haven for honeymooners, St. Lucia delivers the perfect combine of seclusion, relaxation and adventure. To soak up the b...

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      Short-stay in Dubai
      Dubai is at first a new and modern city that seems devoid of soul. Built on the desert, it has been designed in a very large way, facing the sea and seems to be the playground of the billionaires of the planet. The principle of Dubai is to ...

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      What does Casablanca mean to you?
        What does Casablanca mean to you? The Spanish translation of "White House", a film with Ingrid Bergmann or the largest city in Morocco? A bit of all that. With its three million inhabitants intramural and its four million inhabitant...

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      Marrakech is the ideal place for a dream holiday
      You want to spend a holiday in Marrakech but you do not know how to proceed to make your reservations? Here are some tips to help you organize your holidays in Marrakech at the best conditions. First and foremost, you must take the time to ...

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      Dubai – A Great Shopping Paradise
      Dubai is one of the most popular shopping capitals of the world. The shopaholics from around the world visit Dubai for shopping, even they route their flight through Dubai for shopping only. For those who are new to Dubai and want to do sh...

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      How to Get the Cheapest Travel to India
      Is there such a thing as cheap travel? When you talk about traveling, you’re bound to spend huge money especially traveling overseas. It would be best to conduct a research on the country that you plan to visit. Some countries ha...

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      Enjoy the Bahamas with Adequate Sun Protection
      Crystal clear turquoise waters, endless white sand beaches, perfect temperate weather- a vacation in the Bahamas is heavenly. It is easy to wile away the hours of the day under the hot Bahamas sun, reading a book or sipping a cocktail. Unf...

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      Taha’a Resort & Spa: a fantastic 5 star hotel in French Polynesia
      French Polynesia is a dream destination, especially for honeymooners – stunning over-the-water bungalows, turquoise pristine lagoons, breathtaking landscapes and perfect weather. What else one would need? Although I love Bora Bora &n...

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      Best Time to Go to Croatia
      Croatia’s weather can be divided in two predominant climates: Continental on inland, with a freezing winter and warm summer, and Mediterranean on the coast, meaning a very hot summer and mild winter. Snow is a rare occurrence anywher...


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