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  • hobbitthibaut

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      RED-BULL 400
      In this article, I'll tell you about an event held annually in early May in Kuopio. For several years RED-BULL is organizing a sports event open to the public. This year it was on May 9 The RED-BULL 400 Puijo tower EVENT is a race. The race...

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      The Finns Sauna
      The sauna, a major Finnish tradition The sauna is part of the popular tradition in Finland. The practice of sauna is a tradition that has existed since 2000 years in Finland. In Finland there are 5 million people and over 2 millions saunas....

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      The far right in finland
        In France, the far right party (National Front) has never been more popular than now. Indeed, according to survey, Marine Le Pen (National Front candidate) will do almost 30% of votes in presidential elections in 2017. In 2015, the N...

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      Broken ribs (Free subject)
      For this article, I'll tell you about a funny story that happened to me one or two week ago. I break my ribs. You say, but it is not funny at all to break a ribs. What is funny is how I break this ribs. 3 weeks ago, I was coughing a lot. Ev...

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      Discovery    Discovery   
      After 2 months in findland, I had the time to discover Findland and its surroundings. In Findland, I have firstly discover kuopio the the city who I live and its countryside.                 ...

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      University profile Part 2
      At the beginning we did not all the courses we have chosen. Indeed we currently international marketing of court, intercultural communication court, the trade prossess yard and Nordic winter activities yard. In the second part of the semest...

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      University profile Part 1
      University profile   In Finland during my Erasmus semester I studied in Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Savonia University of Applied Sciences is one the Largest and most versatile Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. &...


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