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  • AmazingScotland

    Erasmus Student in Napier University, Edinburgh.
    I'm from France, home university ESDES management school.

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      Edinburgh, Week 19 * 
      Edinburgh, Week 19
      Last article for you guys... I started writting this article on may 14th, and finally finished it today june 6th... Lot of things happened in such a short time, me living Edinburgh and finally going home... It's been 2 weeks now a...

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      Edinburgh, Week 16
      Local News   I must admit I had a lot of trouble to fill up this article. I never watched TV in Edinburgh and rarely had the opportunity to listen to the radio ~ that doesn't help. So of course there are those free news paper in the bu...

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      Edinburgh, week... Which week again?
      Hi friends !   *   * A new month went by and the lectures are now over. I started working since march 16th in a charity shop called Hospice of Hope for Romania, raising money for eastern-Europe people to offer access to pali...

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      Edinburgh, Week 8
      Time to be a bit scholar and to give some cultural details... Social Rituals in Scotland Customs & Symbols As I said earlier, I am following Scottish Culture & Society lectures at uni, allowing me to discover the history and what m...

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      Edinburgh, week 4
        After almost a month spent in the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen – I’m not biased at all – now seems a good time to give some news and explain a bit more what I’m doing here. First the news: Still c...

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      Edinburgh, Week 2
      Heya! I'm happy to anounce I now live with four lovely Scotts, first years in Architecture, IT, and business in Napier. They are slighly younger than me, they speak really fast, they roll the 'R' and often fight on how to pronounce words, w...

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      Edinburgh, Me, and a cow
      - This is an edit of a previous article - HI THERE! I'm Laureen Perroud, a 2nd year business student at ESDES, a french business school in Lyon.I'm going to spend my fourth semester - from january to may 2015 - in one of our part...


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