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  • segolenecdb

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        Advertising in Taiwan Video    Cultural differencies This ad is funny because it reveals the culture differences between France and Taiwan. One in particular : the food. In France, you will never find an advertisment for n...

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      Rice production
        Rice Production Since I arrived in Taiwan, I did a lot of different visits to undersand better the taiwanese culture and learn about it as much as possible. The Rice production was my favorite one, for one day we were following the f...

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      Artistic life in Taiwan
          Music  In Taiwan, traditional music is usually played on solo instruments . Bamboo pipes and Qin are among the oldest known musical instruments from China. You can see them in a lot of differentes places in taiwan.&nbs...

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      Social rituals
      Presentation  I arrived 3weeks ago and i was really impressed to see the difference between France or even Europe and Taiwan. I was really expecting to learn more about this country and of course about people way of life.  As a vi...


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