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  • Vinnie Jenkins

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      machine-oriented language Ruby
      In contrast to machine-oriented languages that run faster, the goal of this development was the language closest to the human. Any work with a computer is done by people and for people, and it is necessary to take care first of all of the e...

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      Ruby is a multi-paradigm language
      Ruby also inherited the philosophy of the Perl programming language in terms of giving the programmer the ability to achieve the same result in several different ways. People are different, and for freedom they need the opportunity to choos...

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      Development of a web blog on Ruby on Rails
      Right now, we're pointing the form to an update action, which isn't defined yet, but we'll do that soon.   Passing an article object to the method will automatically generate a url to submit the edited article form. This option tells R...

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      Ruby on Rails Blog Article Update
          A few things about what's going on. We check if there are any errors with @article.errors.any?, in which case we show a list of all errors with @article.errors.full_messages.   pluralize is a rails helper that takes a num...


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