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  • Melony Holbert

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      Ruby history
      Ruby was developed in early 1993 and released in late 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) of Ruby   The language follows the principle of "least surprise": the program should behave as the programmer expects. However, in the context of R...

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      Ruby programming language
      Ruby (ruby - ruby, ruby) is an interpreted multi-paradigm programming language: dynamic, object-oriented, reflective, imperative, functional. It is actively used in web development, system administration and operating systems (Mac OS X, Lin...

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      Using render in Ruby on Rails
        Now that there are validations, calling on an invalid article will return false. If you open app/controllers/articles_controller.rb again, you'll see that we don't check the result of calling in the create...

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      Validations at Ruby on Rails
          If you want to refer to an action on the same controller, you don't need to specify the :controller option because Rails uses the current controller by default.   TIP: In development mode (which you use by default), Rails...


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