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  • Fandorin

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      Market Season Winding Down
      Today we were at 3 markets, just as it has been the last 20 weeks or so. We only have one more week of that schedule, and then we’ll be down to 1 market/week – Saturday mornings in Auburn. The markets went well – about 50...

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      Well into Fall
      It’s the 9th of November and the hardest work is behind us. All of the fields are cover cropped and we’re just waiting for it to rain now. All the Garlic is in, as of last week. 250 lbs!!! Quite a bit. We planted a little later...

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      The Rumor mill
      This is an update to the saga with the farmers’ market police on tuesday. We do three farmers’ markets on Saturdays. Logan does one in the town of Auburn, about 45 minutes or so from the farm. One of the board members of that m...

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      Boxing Shallots, Avoiding Real Work
      The spring-planted (from seed, not bulb, mind you), August/September cured shallots got boxed today. In other words, we spent the afternoon gettin our box on. It was a nice alternative to real work, like pulling up drip tape in field 2, or...


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