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      Quotes About Charity
      So I have been searching through the internet trying to find some quotes related to charity. These were the best I could find, at least in my own opinion. Hope you enjoy as much as me. Here we go. Beautiful quote by Charles Dickens. Source...

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      3 Fundraising & Volunteer Videos from YouTube
      Hope you guys are doing good today! Just wanted to share some awesome videos I came across while surfing through YouTube.Are you like me? Do you sometimes end up spending hours and hours watching YouTube? I really need to get better at usin...

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      "Dugnad," Norway's Unique way of Contributing to Society
      So, what exactly is dugnad?  "Dugnad" is ancient Norwegian tradition dating back to the 14th and 15th century. The word dugnad literally means "help or support" in Norwegian. In modern day Norway members of local communities get togeth...


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