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      How to begin the year with a Bullet Journal
      For better year you need goals   A bullet journal can help you to organize your life, it's a planner, a diary and so much more. What is really cool when you do a bullet journal is that you can track everything you want or nee...

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      Bullet Journal 2020 - plan
      Bullet Journal 2020  a BuJo all in black and white this year.   This year I choose to do a Black and White Bullet Journal. Last year I did one with colors but it wasn't cool because i needed a lot of supplies to do it when I ...

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      [Sans titre]
      Welcome to my blog Here I will present you my bullet journal. I will explain how I use it, and why. This isn't my first Bullet Journal, but it's my first blog. I hope it will be usefull for others. Nienna   


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