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  • ita diamond

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      Ideas for the groom's wedding photo shoot with friends
      The bride on the wedding day in the morning - a thousand things. Grooms are somewhat simpler in this regard: they put their face and hair in order, put on a suit, shoes, accessories and are ready for great achievements. What to do with...

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      Engagement Photography photo session
      Pre-wedding Engagement Photoshoot  Engagement story of each couple is amazing and unique! Indeed, in the world there is not a single identical pair. And if you want to tell your story to your friends, relatives or leave for future ...

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      How to find a good professional photographer?
      How to find a wedding photographer if a wedding is due soon? How to choose from the many offers on the site exactly what you need? There are several search options for various criteria. For example, from photographs. The...

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      Why hire a wedding photographer?
      A wedding is one of the happiest and most solemn moments in the life of any person and it is wonderful when there is an opportunity to capture the radiant faces and the beautiful image of the bride and groom. We consider wedding photos...

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      Criteria for choosing a wedding venue
      So which wedding venue should I prefer? To make the right choice, you need to determine the criteria for the wedding venue. There are not so many of them.   Wedding date. The choice of place must be carried out depending on the season....

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      How to choose a wedding venue
      Choosing a wedding venue is an important and important step, because the comfort of guests, as well as the cost of decoration, directly depend on the place. When it comes to a wedding, in 90% of cases the imagination draws on the restaurant...


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