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  • eddy_kruger

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      3 Top Signs You Are Overtraining
      Overtraining is a state that our body falls into when we simply train too much and place too much stress on the body. It's important we realize that overtraining does not come about from a couple of hard and intense training sessions in th...

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      Top 5 Foods to Boost Your Immunity
      Having good nutrition is one of the most important steps for staying healthy. However, the consequence of proper nutrition goes much deeper than that simple statement. What you eat can change how you look, how you feel, and, most significa...

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      Home Remedies for Skin Tags
      Skin tags or acrochordons are benign growths found in different parts of the body due to factors which are yet unknown. The color of these growths is similar to that of the underlying skin and there is usually no other symptom like pain or...

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      Doing the "Right" Kind of Cardio
      All people are created equal, but unfortunately not all exercises can say the same. Some exercise routines are really good for fat burning, while others can even be counter productive. Unfortunately there is a widespread belief that just d...

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      Eye Health Tips: Secrets to Gorgeous Eyes
      You don’t need heaps of scientific research to understand how the eyes can be used to attract others. Think about it - a smoldering gaze, a seductive stare, a come-hither glance...there’s a lot you can do to draw focus to yours...

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      How to Jumpstart Your Metabolic Engine and Keep it There
      The metabolism gets a lot of attention these days. There are workouts, diets and supplements specifically geared towards revving up your metabolic engine, enabling you to burn off unwanted body fat faster. Entire books have been written to...

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      Be Smart about Reaching Your Fitness Goals
      Most people have tried to achieve getting some fitness goal at least once in this lives and perhaps failed. Failure very often is the thing that puts us far from trying again , whether it's a fitness related, relationship related or busine...


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