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  • lash lift training

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      Fake it 'til You Make It - The Art of Using False Lashes
      Every person desires the look of thick, lengthy eyelashes, yet no one that seems to being in my chair understands ways to use the momentary lash strips. With all the occasions as well as celebrations this season, I chose to offer my visitor...

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      Feathery Long-term Brow Strategy
      Feathery Permanent Eyebrows   So what is the distinction in between 3D, 6D, Feathery, Solid, Powered, Hair Stroke permanent brows ??   Well, these names are all different strategies utilized by long-term make-up musicians to expla...

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      How to Obtain Fabulous Lashes
      Want to make the most from the lashes you were birthed with? Below's how you can begin ANY lash-enhancement workout:   Use eye liner right at the origin of the lashes making them show up thicker - a gel eye liner applied with a flat-ti...


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