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      Air New Zealand cancels flights due to Rolls-Royce engines problem
      (Reuters) - Air New Zealand Ltd (AIR.NZ) became the latest airline to suffer from problems with Rolls-Royce (RR.L) Trent 1000 engines, saying on Thursday that “two recent events” had prompted it to cancel or delay some flights o...

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      Vancouver, the new Amsterdam
      On the following day the frigate parted company with the fleet to return to England, so the Brunswick became commodore ship. On the 23rd of June the squadron was in the Mozambique Passage, and at daylight espied a strange brig to the south-...

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      suggested the Jap in a shaky
      He touched the control, which was on the steering wheel like that of an automobile. The craft leaped forward like a flying fish. The spray flew high on either bow. Kenworth, a wicked gleam in his eyes, headed straight up the Sound.CHAPTER X...

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      When Ralph had finished
      So it had come about that when Professor Wintergreen received a commission to hunt specimens in the Canadian Rockies, Ralph jumped at[17] the chance to accompany him. His father, the railroad magnate, and Ralph’s mother had planned a ...

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      Frank assenting to this proposition
      Why, one of 'em is a short, thick-set fellow, and carries a silver whistle in the breast pocket of his shirt. The other is tall and slender, wears some kind of a badge on his arm—a petty officer's badge I took it to be—and has l...

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      The appointment of
      The appointment of Newton to the Lucasian chair at Cambridge seems to have been coeval with his grandest discoveries. The first of these of which the date is well authenticated is that of the different refrangibility of the rays of light, w...

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      How comfortable how to live
      Whenever an official in the French Colonial Office had to refuse the application of a subordinate for leave, he would tone down his refusal with the metaphor, “We’ll try and give you leave at all events before the affaire Prieu ...


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