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      #2 External geopolitical conflict
      External Territorial conflict for the Senkaku islands with Japan The people’s republic of China deals with territorial disputes with Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan), indeed the Senkaku islands are claimed by those three count...

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      Opening of Shanghai Disneyland Resort
      The big date is coming! In less of one week the 16 of June, The second Disneyland of China will be opened in Chuansha town in Pudong district near Shanghai. This complex will be the second in China after the Hong Honk Disneyland and the th...

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      Jade Buddha Temple
      Jade Buddha Temple
      Yesterday, I’ve visited the famous Jade Temple Buddha located in Jing’an district in Shanghai. This temple built between 1918 and 1928, is one of the Shanghai few active Buddhist monasteries. The master piece is a magnificent Bu...

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      The amazing Bund
      Obviously I had to write something about the Bund and the financial quarter of Lujiazui because it’s the first thing which came to my mind when the city of Shanghai is named. The Bund is the boulevard of the city of Shanghai, it is ...

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      Holiday in Philippines
      So last week we spend our spring break in Philippines. That was really an amazing experience full of news adventures, let me tell you why! First we travelled in really funny and unbelievable way from boat to tricycle, tuk tuk and minivan. &...

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      The art of the table in China
      The layout of the table In China, the layout of the table is very different than in France because the utensils used are not the same. First, according to custom, round tables are the most practical and the most popular because everyone is...

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      #1 Geopolitical situation of China
      To fully integrate myself in my new country, I thought this was important that I find out about the geopolitical situation of China. My first article in this topics is about the geographical localisation of China and the government politic...

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      Death of Harry Wu, the activist of Chinese human rights
      Harry Wu, the Former political prisoner and survivor of Chinese labor camps died on 26 April at the age of 79. Born in Shanghai, Harry Wu was just a student when he was sentenced to life imprisonment at the age of 23 years and jailed on Ap...

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    • a créé une galerie : Pictures of Beijing

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        It’s been now 3 weeks that I have been to Beijing with my 4 flatmates and I decided to write an article on this little trip of 4 intense days full of discovery and visits.   #DAY 1 The temple of heaven 天坛 and the forb...

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      SUIBE 上海对外经贸大学 University Profile
      Description of my university I started my semester in the Shanghai University of International Business and economics (SUIBE) at the end of the month of March. The university is located on two campuses, one in Gubei and one in Songjiang. ...

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      Shanghai, here I am !
       Hi everybody, welcome on my blog !   It’s been now three weeks that I am in Shanghai and I already love that city. Like I was expecting everything in this town is incredibly huge and completely different from France. During...


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