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      Free subject : Focus on Northern Lights !
      One of the most extraordinary features of Finland is light. When the endless sunny summer nights give way to winter without sun, northern lights illuminate the sky of their magical show. The more you head north, the greater your chances of ...

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      New in Finland: eradication of the entrance examination for higher education?
      The fact that young people in Finland have access to higher education at a higher age than other European countries indicates according to Minister of Education and Culture that the entrance examination system is not more efficient. Sanni G...

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      Geopolitics of Finland
      Internal political of Finland : Finland is a parliamentary democracy. The President of the Republic is elected by direct universal suffrage. The government (in Finnish is Valtioneuvosto or statsrådet in Swedish) is headed by the Prime...

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      Social rituals
      Flag Finland : The flag of Finland, called siniristilippu (the flag at the Blue Cross), dates from 1918 and is based on the model of the flag of Denmark. It represents the blue Scandinavian cross on a white background. Blue represents lake...

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      University profile
      I am in Kajaani for one semester, a student at Kamk, the University of Applied Sciences. This is a city that is in the middle of Finland, in an area where there are many lakes.   It is a university that offers several programs: Busines...

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      Hello !
      My name is Valentin. I am a student at ESDES Business School in the second year. As part of my studies, I make my second semester in Kajaani, in Finland. The Erasmus program is a great opportunity for me and will allow me to improve my Engl...


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