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      The END !
      It is indeed the end, the end of an amazing experience, a journey where I met great friends from all around the world (special thoughts for Alex the German and Santiago AKA Mauer).  I finally could make my own opinion on what is living...

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      Free subject: My trip to Valentin's hood !
      Free subject: My trip to Valentin's hood !
      Hey everyone ! Here we are sadly, the end of the semester hence the end of an wonderful experience.  In this article I will tell you about the city of Cambridge. During my semester in London, one of my best friends in ESDES, (my home u...

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      Most significant local news story during my semester
        Leicester to win the Premier League     Hey everyone ! I hope you are well, already the end of the semester !  It is indeed the end of the semester for us, students but also for others like football teams. Today we'll...

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      As everybody knows, our school has suffered a loss, and I wanted to dedicate this article to Marie Pruvost, it's not much but still.I wish all the best to her familly and close friends whom are doubtlessly suffering due to the recent events...

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      Social rituals
      Hi everyone !  I hope you're all well since my previous article !  Today I will tell you about the social rituals in the UK to do so I will use sometime the Kwintessential website to add some extra information.  Here is ...

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      University profile
      Hi there !  It has been 3 weeks since I arrived in London, 2 weeks since classes have started at Westminster University.  Therefore it is time for me to publish my first article, an article about the University profile. For my par...


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