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      Chapter XVII: Tears and Dew
        Mina thought that morning took way too long to come that day as she had stayed awake for most of the night, quietly eyeing the arms that were wrapped around her. Arms that held her as if she would disappear if they didn't hold on to...

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      Chapter XVI: Rain
        Hyunjin stayed by Mina's side even after their tears stopped flowing only for the blue sky to be replaced by sad and gray clouds that poured their misery upon  the pair that had gone through more than enough for the day.  ...

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      Chapter XV: Timing
       Chapter XV: Timing. Mina stood silently after hearing his words, not because she had nothing to say but because of how tears ran down her cheeks.   She had no right to cry, not when the one in pain was him and not her. She hated...

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      Chapter XIV: Maze of Memories
        Chapter XIV: Maze of Memories.  Felix didn't really know what to think anymore, he had virtually been abandoned by both his brother and sister in a foreign country in which he had no friends (not that he had a lot back home eit...

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      Chapter XIII: Trust
       Chapter XIII: Trust.     "...Aren't you hungry?" Asked Mina after some time spent in silence. "Are you?" "I haven't eaten anything since lunch." "Well yeah….We did run away before the banquet started."   Mina pl...

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      Chapter XII: Blood and its Weight
      Chapter XII: Blood and its Weight.   Kami came back to what she thought would have been an empty mansion only to see the lit candles of the fourth floor study room that had been left empty for the past year or so.   The young wom...

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      Chapter XI: Lunar Escape
       Chapter XI: Lunar Escape.   Hyunjin walked out of the palace and into the gardens that had turned dark because of the night's veils, the moon only showing itself shyly between passing clouds that dared not linger that evening. T...

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      Chapter X: Disrupted Fates.
       Chapter X: Disrupted Fates. Mina didn't really remember how it happened,maybe because of her rising fever or simply because of the shock. She just remembered falling to her knees after the King finished speaking.   "Myungsoo...I...

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      Chapter IX: Clashing waves
      Chapter IX: Clashing waves.    It had been quite sometime since Mina last set foot on the palace grounds where she used to spend a lot of time as a child. She had somehow missed the tall golden gates that had protected for centur...

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      Chapter VIII: Tightly tied
      Chapter VII: Tightly tied.   Mina woke up with a cold on the morning of the royal ball- she knew it, she shouldn't have walked under the rain so carelessly and yet, she couldn't bring herself to regret her decision. She knew that she ...

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      Chapter VII: Dawn brings sadness.
       Chapter VII: Dawn brings sadness.   Kami and Hyewon went ahead first to the carriage both sharing an umbrella, joyfully and yet shyly speaking to one another- leaving Mina and Hyunjin together, standing on the porch.   "......

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      Chapter VI: Marble and Memories
      Chapter VI: Marble and Memories      "I should pay you back for helping me." Said Sungyeol, putting back pieces together.   Minhee didn't exactly remember why she was helping him and how she had ended up doing so - glue...

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      Chapter V: Broken isn't a synonym of weak.
      Chapter V: Broken isn't a synonym of weak.    Minhee was still crying when Gongyoo entered the room, he eyed the young woman for an instant. She truly looked pitiful like this, in tears on the cold floor, keeping her hands to her...

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      Chapter IV: Shattering Hearts
      Chapter IV:Shattering Hearts Kami stood with a tight heart as she accompanied her guest to the small carriage she had prepared for her. The young woman had lent her one pale blue dress that was too big for herself but fitted nicely on her ...

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      Chapter III: In the shadow of Night
      Chapter III: In the shadow of Night   It was late in the evening when a knock came upon Mina's door. Her mother had gone to bed and one of the servants came looking for her as she was about to also go to sleep, taking the last of her ...

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      Chapter II: Flowers for you.
      Chapter II: Flowers for you.   Kami was sitting, arms crossed as she stared at her two friends who tried their best to avoid her gaze, their eyes focused on their porcelain cups of black tea instead. They were in Kami's house, inside ...

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      Chapter I: Men are disappointing
      CHAPTER I: Men are disappointing. Music "That's it." Said Minhee throwing herself onto the nearest couch under the confused stares of her two closest friends that were having a sleepover at her then empty house. "I'm never getting married...

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      "Junho…." called out Yujin to a still annoyed Junho    Nothing but the growlings and distant screams. Her friend stayed quiet.   "We are in a freaking apocalypse...Are you really going to be mad at me?"asked the girl,...

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        Minju had thought that it would be pleasant, that it would go smoothly and that she would love it. But she hadn't had fun and hadn't been able to go all the way either. They had stopped after a few kisses and foreplay. It was alread...

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      "Are you not afraid?" asked Wooseok to Yunseong who was staring at the monsters from the roof they had climbed up to. "I am. I am terrified." simply replied his friend eyeing the moving bodies.   Wooseok crossed his arms, the night wi...

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      "Where are you going?" asked Minhyun to a Myungsoo that was looking through his now ex-girlfriend's cupboard. "I'm bringing back Junho, Minju and Yohan." answered the third year. "And Mina..?"   Minhyun saw the school president stop f...

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          Mina was locked inside the convenience store with its manager, a young girl and the two 3rd years that had harassed Minhyun a few days ago.   "What do we do? What do we do??" screamed the boys, panicking as the old manag...

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        Wooseok was running and he hated every second of it. He had always loved dancing but jogging was something he tried to avoid if possible. But there he was, pursued by unknown creatures that had killed persons in front of him and Yun...

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      Horror game

      Horror game

      Junho was shaking, covered in blood with a fainted Yujin in his arms.

      Everything had happened so fast.

      So fast that he still struggled to breathe.

      He could still hear the screams coming from the main hall, screams that were slowly dying just like their owners.

      They have been hanging out as always, spending some time in a PC cafe when hell broke loose.

      Three monsters fell down the stairs where the cafe was and proceeded to eating the first persons that fell under their grip. 

      Most of the people had tried to climb up the stairs only to be pinned down by other in coming monsters.

      Junho screamed to Yujin to follow him to the storage room at the back of the store but found her knocked out on the ground because of a fleeing group of older men that had pushed her so hard that her head had hit a corner of a nearby desk.

      Junho saw a monster, or whatever it was come closer to her,grabbing her legs, ready to bite them.

      The young boy, mostly out of reflex but also fear of losing her, grabbed the nearest keyboard and used it to bash the creature's head in.

      Everything in his head had been white, he didn't even remember how he had dragged her to the storage room but he had, and now he didn't know what to do.

      Junho closed his eyes in the dimly lit room and prayed that she would be ok, that she would wake up without any problem.

      Junho stared at the blood covering him and remembered the news, a disease.

      A new disease that made patients violent,but to which extent?

      What if he was contaminated? What if he turned into a monster too? What if he hurted her?

      The young boy laid her on a pile of rice bags, the most comfortable spot there was in the small room and proceeded to looking for some way of tying himself up.


      "Shit…" growled Junho,digging into the boxes.


      At least there was a lot of food, Yujin would not starve even if he died.

      He heard her moan, she was waking up.

      Thanks god.


      "Junho…?" said a small voice. "What happened…? Where are we?" asked Yujin, standing up and walking up to him.

      "Stop! Stay where you are!" shouted Junho.


      The young girl froze.



      "Do you remember the monsters?" reminded the boy to his confused friend.


      Yujin thought for a bit before nodding.


      "Yes.They were biting people and I...Uh...I got knocked out I think..."

      "I have their blood on me, I'm not safe to be around." 

      "What are you saying? Don't be ridiculous, they are obviously zombies! In the movies you have to-"

      "This is not a movie Yujin!" shouted the worried boy

      "But you weren't bitten right?"

      "...Do you remember our science classes on diseases and their transmissions?" 


      Yujin froze again, of course she didn't.

      She never listened in class.


      "By the air, through mucuses, orally, sexually and through bites or cuts." sighed Junho " Except for the two last options, I am possibly contaminated. I have been exposed." 


      Junho saw her face tense up.

      That was maybe the most worried about him he had ever seen her.


      "...I have to tie myself up just in case I turn. I have to in order not to harm you." started the boy."We...We also have to find a weapon a weapon for you if I-"

      "What? No!"



      Junho tried his best not to think of the worst, of the pain that would probably come if he transformed into one of them. 

      He tried to forget their empty and glassy eyes, their ripped flesh and all the blood.

      He had to stay calm for her.





      Yujin stepped closer to him and he stepped back until his back hit the wall.


      "Stop it!"

      "Shut up!"

      "Yujin-ah -"


      Yujin touched the blood on his shirt and spread it onto her cheek.

      Junho froze.

      What had she done?


      "There. If you die, I die."

      "...IDIOT" shouted Junho,pushing her away and looking for some alcohol in the boxes.


      He could feel his heart racing.

      His hands were shaking more and more as he realized that there was no alcohol or emergency kit to be found.


      "Fuck!" shouted Junho before leaning his head against the shelves' cold metal.


      Junho felt her arms wrap around his waist and her head against his back.

      She was shaking.


      "...Why?" asked Junho with a weak voice, he wanted to cry. "Why would you do that idiot?"


      Junho felt her grip him tighter.


      "...Because you are my best friend and I can't imagine a world without you Junho. If you jump, I jump. We promised each other remember? That nothing would drive us apart." whispered Yujin, trying her best not to listen to all the screams surrounding them. "We'll survive this or end with this together."


      He could feel her tears drench his shirt.

      Junho slowly caressed her fingers.


      "...So don't ever say something about leaving me first ok? I hate it...I hate it so much." sobbed Yujin.

      "Alright...Don't cry…" pleaded Junho, turning back and rubbing the possibly deadly blood off of her skin.


      Yujin buried her face in his neck.


      "....What do we do now…?"


      That was a good question.

      In movies the heroes would arm themselves and leave with an epic music in the background.

      But they weren't heroes and their life wasn't a movie.

      Yujin was fast but not fast enough to get out safely out of that place and he wasn't that good at sports.

      They would be more than three out there now.

      How he regretted not having trained more with Yohan.


      "We have to wait."



      Speaking of Yohan...

      What about their friends and family?

      Did they take cover? Were they safe?

      A ball of anxiety formed in his stomach.

      Would he ever see everyone alive again?

      What about school? He hadn't even gone to high school...


      "Wait until the screams die down at least."

      "And then?"

      "Then we'll call for help."


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      Red Cherry Blossoms
        Seongwu couldn't let go of Minhyun, mainly because he loved him but also because he looked like he was about to crumble down. Minhyun had been a ghost of himself,trying his best to get used to his new life without a mask. He did not...


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