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  • louis101

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      To conclude with this blog, i wan't to speak about a mystery around the tallest building in Tawain the 101 tower. When it comes to talking about tall buildings, for me a perfectly natural question is an enquiry as to what sits at the top of...

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        Firstable, if you wan't to know the geopolitics of a country, let me introduce you to Taiwain with the geography, demography and the history of this beautiful country.   GEOGRAPHY Distance from the Chinese mainland, 150 km. The ...

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      Taipei is the brand new Host of the 2017 Summer Universiade ! Held every two years, the Universiade, or World University Games, is organized for university athletes by the Lausanne-based International University Sports Federation. It's kin...

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      The taiwainese culture and way of life is way different than  ours. Let me show you some socials rituals in taiwan who are really interesting. From a global point of view, the taiwanese life is quite different. They seem very relax and...

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      7-11 7-eleven,inc         
      7-11 7-Eleven, inc.
                  I can't have a taiwanese blog without speaking about the 7-eleven stores. 7-11 is an international chain of convenience stores that operates primarily as an franchise. It was founded in 1927, by Joh...

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      Yuan Ze University
      SINCERITY, DILIGENCE, THRIFT, PRUDENCE This is the motto of my new school: Yuan ze University. It was created in 1989 by Wang Guoming. It's one of the youngest university in Asia. The president of this private it's the Doctor Peng Zong...

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      Where it all begin
      3 weeks already passed since i arrived in Taipei city. My first survey of Taipei was in the taxi to take me to my hotel. The city was the exaclty opposite of what i expceted. There is a lot of building who look like fre...


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