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  • Camille Michel

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      The Great Gaudí
        Gaudí's work is admired worldwide, is a unique and particular style. His work has greatly influenced the architectural appearance of Barcelona and we can find his creations all over the city. Antoni Gaudí was born in R...

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      Barça! Barça! Baaarça!!
                         Barcelona won the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League with a 3-1 victory over Juventus on Saturday the 6th of June at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany. The Catalans' early...

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                   Hi everybody !! I spoke a lot about Spain and traditions but let's have a little more information about the Geopolitic situation of the country.             ...

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      Social Rituals
      Hi everybody !                 What better than the day of Sant Jordi to speak about Catalan traditions or culture?             St Jordi's day i...

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      Introduction to the field
      Hi everybody!   It has now been two months since I arrived in Barcelona, which allowed me discover a little the city. I traveled by car from France and the first weird thing I noticed was the way Spanish people drive. Indeed, in Barcel...

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      French woman in Barcelona !
      Hi everybody ! My name is Camille and I am a student in a french business school. As my cursus allows me, I am going to spend the second semester of this year 2014-2015 in Barcelona. During this time abroad, I will post articles regula...


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