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      Article 5 - Geopolitics
      Dear Unkonwn, Today we are going to speak a little about Scottish Geopolitics. It is not a simple subject in part because of the independence question. Last year, a majority of people answered "No" to the question "Should Sco...

    • a créé une galerie : Free subject - "A Place Equals A Picture"

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      Article 4 - Scottish news story
      Dear Unknown,  As you might know, United-Kingdom is really famous for its Charity Shops and its solidarity politic. Charity Shops are social shops that use donated second hand goods (as clothes or furnitures) to resale it at low p...

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      Article 3 - Free article
      Dear Unknown,  As we have a lot of free time at Napier University, I try to invest myself in some activities outside the university. I work in a charity shop and I also volunteer in a Primary School for scouting. Today, I will make you...

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      Article 2 - Social rituals
      Dear Unknown,  Now that I know Scotland better, I would like to talk to you about some of social rituals, here the food and drink uses. I will speak about fried food because it takes a big part of Scottish eating habits. It is really d...

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      Article 1 - University profile
      Dear Unknown, I am away since now two weeks. You may be curious about my new environment and integration ! Scotland is a wonderful place, with lovely people. But, let me tell you more about my first week at the university ......

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      Welcome on my travel blog
      Dear Unknown,You arrived on my blog, and I hope you will stay on it ! This blog will relate my journey in Scotland. I am an international student from France, and I'm going to Edinburgh for second trimester of year 2014 - 201...


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