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  • kathyrnfollis

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      Heel Serious Pain The Primary Causes, Indicators And Therapy Methods
      Overview Heel Pain is a problem that affects far too many people, especially since the remedies for it are conservative and effective. If the backs of your feet ache, don't ignore the discomfort or try to walk through it. The longer an iss...

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      Adult Aquired Flat Foot
      Overview Acquired flatfoot deformity caused by dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon is a common clinical problem. Treatment, which depends on the severity of the symptoms and the stage of the disease, includes non-operative options, s...

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      What Can You Do About Calluses?
      To treat your already sore, calloused, cracked feet, use a thick moisturizer that contains petrolatum, glycerin, or dimethicone to lock in moisture and decrease transepidermal water loss." says Dr. Benjamin Weaver. We recommend Gormel Cream...

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      Bunion Surgery
      Decompression of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) is necessary to allow IM angle reduction and prevent postoperative jamming of the joint and valgus subluxation of the hallux. In my experience of performing first MPJ arthroplasties...

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      What Are Bunions
      The exterior of the foot at the first joint of the little toe is the place where a tailor's bunion or a bunionette occurs. This foot problem can worsen '" and typically does '" and can prevent regular footwear from being worn. The sore area...


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