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  • Iris Esdes

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      Advertising in the UK
        It is an advertising for T-Mobile which was created by Saatchi & Saatchi. This video realized in 2012 was to promote the new offer: Unlimited Internet, texts, and sheld loads of calls for just 36 pounds per month! T-Mobile Inter...

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      Social rituals
      Custom We know specific custom from England, for example English people are used to drive on the left of the road with their steering wheel on the right. Althought the UK is part of the European Union, it has refused Euro to keep its curren...

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      Artistic life
      In this article, I will more talk about artistic life in Lancaster and London, the two cities where I stayed in. First, let's talk about Lancaster! Music and concerts We can find in Lancaster, many of pubs where we can go to listen to a liv...

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      Charity Shop - British Heart Foundation
      In term of my second year of study, I need to do an internship in order to improve my English. I am currently working as a volunteer in the charity shop British Heart Foundation in Lancaster. It is located in Cheapside street in the pedestr...

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