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    Trimukhi Platform is a not-for-profit organisation founded in West Bengal, India. It arises from the desire to create a platform from where to act in three different directions: social work, artistic creations and theoretical research. Art and thought need to be produced by all strata of society so there is not only a diversity of propositions but also relevance and accuracy.

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      Essay on Seasonal Variation in Santhal Society

      Essay on Seasonal Variation in Santhal SocietyPerformed by Dananjoy HansdaDhani HansdaDulal HansdaJoba HansdaRamjet HansdaSalkhan HansdaChintamani HansdaSukul HansdaSurujmoni Hansda, Pini SorenSumi Soren Texts Bhudray BesraJean-Frédéric Chevallier, Dhani Hansda, Marc Hatzfeld Video Jean-Frédéric Chevallier Executive producer Sukla Bar Chevallier Field producer Dhani Hansda Light, sound and furniture installation Chandrai Murmu Biographical investigation Budrai Besra Lighting Joba HansdaRamjit HansdaSukul Hansda Computer Chintamani Hansda Directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and Surujmoni Hansda in collaboration with Sukla Bar Chevallier and Bhudray Besra


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      Night of Theatre n°9 / La Nuit des idées

      Night of Theatre n°9 / La Nuit des idéesThe Night of Theatre n°9 / La nuit des idées is a night-long festival of contemporary performing arts and inventive thought, that took place on Saturday 28th January 2017 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in the Santhal tribal village of Borotalpada, West Bengal, India. During the night-long event, artists and thinkers from Kolkata, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Montréal, together with Santhal actors, dancers and musicians both showcased in situ performances and evolve in stimulative conversations about art and thought. The night-long program ended with a joyful multicultural dance party.

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      Aforismo Intempestivo 3-41 Untimely Meditation 3-41

      Aforismo Intempestivo 3-41With Sara Barbosa, Ana Maria Hernàndez, Felipe Hernàndez, Camilo Polanco, Diana Roda, Rocio Sandoval, Jessica Torres, Willy Urrego, Diego Zurriago, Angela Verdugo, Carolina Zarate Direction, video and sound design Jean-Frédéric Chevallier Assistant director and field production Tabata Carrasco Advisers Sukla Bar Chevallier, Oscar Cortés, Alejandro Jaramillo, Adriana Urrea, Bruno Tackels Body training Edwin Acero Video-documentation during rehearsals Dany Quimbayo Texts by Friedrich NietzscheEmmanuelle Pireyre, Hermann Kant, Jean-Philippe Toussaint 

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      Trimukhi Platform    
      Visions of the land in India (and elsewhere)

      Visions of the land in India (and elsewhere)Trimukhi Platform and MACE join forces to offer -free of cost- a 3 days online workshop by French anthropologist Marc Hatzfeld: Visions of he land in India (and elsewhere), to be held from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st May 2015. The reason being simply the situation in India: the possibility that the law regarding land acquisition may be changed as a consequence of which the stress will fall largely on the farmers as well as on the tribals. It is important to generate thinking on this matter, perhaps in a more inventive and creative way than what is currently being done by the media and politicians...

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      Bachchader Experimentum

      Bachchader ExperimentumWritten and performed by Dulal Hansda, Chintamoni Hansda, Joba Hansda, Salkhan Hansda, Sukul HansdaRamjet Hansda, Surujmoni Hansda and Pini Soren Music composed by Luis Alberto Mariño Fernandez Video live by Dhannajoi Hansda Light by Dhani Hansda and Sumi Soren Electric set-up by Subir Karmakar Dramaturgy by Budrai Besra Art advices by Sukla Bar Chevallier Directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier in collaboration with Chandrai Murmu and Budrai Besra

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      Night of Theatre n°7
      Contemporary Theatre... What is it? / lecture

      Jean-Frédéric ChevallierThe Department of Sanskrit, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, in collaboration with UGC-Academic Staff College, invites the French philosopher and Trimukhi Platform director Jean-Frédéric Chevallier to participate in the Refresher Course on "Performing Art : Tradition and Innovation", giving a lecture: Contemporary Theatre... What is it? (Towards a Theatre of Presenting), at TEQIP building, Jadavpur University, on 18th February 2015, 2 to 5 pm. The main question will be: If theatre has stopped representing and communicating, how to speak about what happens on stage?


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      Night of Theatre n°7
      Presence & Presenting / workshop

      Presence & Presenting - a workshop for actors, dancersPresence & Presenting is a 3 days + 3 weeks workshop for actors, dancers, directors and choreographers that the French artist and philosopher Jean-Frédéric Chevallier will give at Dew Drops Dance Studio in Kolkata in February and March 2015. The purpose of it is simple: to give a hint on other possibilities and potentialities for the stage. What to do with the presence of the performers? What to do with the fact that audience is present too? How to compose a performing act without trying to convey a message, but just presenting? These questions will be attended both through practice and reflexion.


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      How to give life to a Cultural Centre? / crash courses

      How to give life to a Cultural Centre? / crash coursesTrimukhi Platform has started an innovative program aimed at giving to 10 young people in Borotalpada village the tools and knowledge necessary to undertake important responsibilities in Trimukhi Cultural Centre. The 1st session courses in July 2014 was given by Yazel Parra Nahmenes from Barcelona Theatre Institute (Spain), Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and Sukla Bar Chevallier from Trimukhi Platform; the 2nd session in December 2014 by Utsarjana Mutsuddi and Sanmoy Karmakar from Jadavpur University, Kolkata (India). The 3rd session was held in May 2015 and the 4th in October.

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      R/T Poetry 4 (in Cuba)

      R/T Poetry 4 (in Cuba)In September 2014, sixteen Cuban visual artists, thespians, dancers, video-makers, musicians and scholars were rehearsing together with Jean-Frédéric Chevallier so to prepare a transdisciplinary performance, part of the R/T Poetry serie. Presentations took place on 27th September at Teatro Buendia, La Havana, Cuba.

      Produced by Laboratorio Ibsen, French Embassy in Cuba, National Cuban Council for Performing ArtsCasa Editorial Tablas-Alarcos in collaboration with Trimukhi Platform and Teatro Buendía

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      Eighth Night of Theatre

      Night of Theatre n°8The Night of Theatre n°8 was held on 14th Feb 2015 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in the Santal tribal village of Borotalpada (West Midnapore, West Bengal, India). During the night-long event, artists from La Habana, Paris, Kolkata and Mexico city, together with tribal actors, dancers and musicians showcased in different places around and inside Trimukhi Cultural Centre, theatre, music and dance performances as well as a double sound installation and happenings. For this 8th edition, a reduced number of guests audience from Kolkata was received so to favor exchange and dialogue with the villagers. The program ended with a multicultural dance party. The bus returned at 5:45 AM.

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      Fifth Night of Theatre    
      I Saw the World resting within Itself...

      I saw the world resting within itselfMusicians, constructers & actors: Chandrai Murmu, Chamru Soren Actresses & dancers: Chomki Hansda, Sumi Soren, Pini Soren, Parmoni Murmu, Joba Hansda, Chintamoni Hansda, Mati Hembrom Falguni Hansda, Surujmani Hansda, Molina Hembram, Parboti Hansda, Assistant:  Chandrai Murmu  Text: Octavio Paz ("El mono gramatico") Translation: Sukla Bar Chevallier, Girish Soren

      Directed by Hector Bourges in collaboration with Sukla Bar Chevallier


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      Santal dance(s)  Santal dance(s)  
      Santal dance(s)

      The thing that exists when we aren't thereCoordination: Piru Hembrom Musicians: Rundu, Mirja, Ivondor, Tuno, Thopo, Ramsai, Kunu, Jamai, Sukul, Bablu, Daso, Joga, Kisun, Bartang, Kubu, Arjun, Piru, Karan, Gora, Seval Hembrom, Lal Soren, Rahim Hansda Dancers: Sombari, Gurubari, Maloti, Sefali, Hatom, Miayaboti, Rati, Payo Hembrom, Sumi Soren, Putli Soren, Maimo Besra, Chita Hansda, Monimala Hansda, Sarno Hansda, Fulmoni Hansda, Surujmoni Hansda, Pini & Sumi Soren, Chomki Hansda


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      What does to build mean?

      Un film de vacancesPhotography and Edition Jean-Frédéric Chevallier Commentaries Marc Hatzfeld Main Workers Sukla Bar Chevallier, Hector Bourges, Nathali Buenaventura, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Motilal and Falguni Hansda, Kania Hansda, "Doctor", "Bhim", "Salkhan" and "Laden" Hansda, Chomki Hansda, Marc Hatzfeld, Chandrai Murmu, Alejandro Orozco, Paola Ospina, Chamru Soren, Girish Soren, Kalicharam Hembrom

      First projection on 9th February 2013 during Night of Theatre n°6

      [Produced by Trimukhi Platform, India, 2013]

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      Water Lily - A Matter Of Fact

      Un film de vacancesWith Surujmoni Hansda, Falguni Hansda, Shreya Mallick, Raima Mondal, Borsha Sharda Executive producers Sukla Bar Chevallier, Promila Bor Photography Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Alejandro Orozco, Arnab Banerjee Sound Sunny Prosun Bor, Krishnandu Makhar, Himadri Mondal, Chandrai Murmu Music Abraham Calvachi, Benoit Mory, Andrés Solis, Rogelio Sosa Additional music "Goldberg variations" [J.S. Bach] by Kimiko Ishizaka 

      Written, directed and edited by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier

      [Produced by Trimukhi Platform, India, 2012-2015]

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      The thing that exists when we aren't thereWith Sunny Prosun Bor, Sandra Gómez, Chomki Hansda, Salkhan Hansda, Dhananjoy Hansda and Raima Mondal Sound and music creation: Andrés Solís Lighting set-up: Chandrai Murmu Director assistant and translatorArnab Banerjee Conceived and directed by Sandra Gómez Performed during Night of Theatre n°7, on 15th Feb 2014, at Trimukhi Cultural Centre, Borotalpada Village, West Bengal, India 

      Produced by Trimukhi Platform (India) & CONACULTA-FONCA (Mexico)

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      Per Ruptam Silvam   Per Ruptam Silvam   Per Ruptam SilvamPer Ruptam Silvam   Per Ruptam Silvam   
      Per Ruptam Silvam

      The thing that exists when we aren't thereWith: Sukla Bar Chevallier, Sandra Gómez, Marc Hatzfeld, Raima Mondal, Chandrai Murmu, Pini Soren  In video: Shreya Mallick, Raima Mondal Sound & music creation: Rogelio Sosa, Andrés Solís Video: Jean-Frédéric Chevallier Lighting set-up: Chandrai Murmu  Lighting assistantsSunny Prosun Bor, Dhananjoy Hansda, Bhimcharon Hansda, Salkhan Hansda Technical assistant: Himadri Mondal, Arnab Banerjee Collaborators: Sukla Bar Chevallier, Sandra Gómez Written and directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier

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      Seventh Night of Theatre

      Noche de Teatro / Night of Theatre / Nuit du Théâtre # 07

      The 7th edition of the Night of Theatre took place on 15th February 2014 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre. Artists from Paris, Bogotá, Kolkata, Mexico city and Borotalpada village presented outside the Centre theatre, dance and music performances as well as an experimental film. Two of these stage works were the result of a 12 days rehearsals process together with 15 villagers. Journalist Mohua Das reported the event for The Telegraph: "There was something magical about making one’s way through the backwoods with torchlights and settling down on the ground under the open skies, feeling the caress of a wintry breeze and watching performances in the dark — imaginative and untamed." 

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      FABRIQUE de l'art n°1

      Fabrique de l'ary n°1The first issue (2015) of FABRICATE (FABRIC OF) ART contains texts and digital works by 21 artists and scholars from India, France, Spain, England, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Argentine, Ecuador and Canada. The purpose is concrete: stimulating the thought, awakening desire for the arts. In Kolkata, copies are available at Oxford BookstoreBingsha ShatabdiForeign Publishers Agency, Alliance Française and CIMA Gallery (INR 985). Launch in France took place at La Maison des Indes in June 2016. Launch in India took place at Alliance Française du Bengale in September 2016.

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      Visions of the land in India (by marc hatzfeld)

      Visions of the land in India (by marc hatzfeld)Visions of the land in India: Approach of an anthropological survey is an online workshop offered by Professor Marc Hatzfeld, a French anthropologist working on social and urban issues whose recent work encompasses India. Designed and based on Moodle tools, pedagogy will alternate between guided discussions with suggested readings and a direct and concreat engagement of the participants with the ‘vision of land’ through interviews of key respondents. The objective is to introduce ‘land’ to the learners through an anthropological lens and provide an understanding of the lived experiences of it.

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      Flying Bamboo in a Santal VillageFlying Bamboo in a Santal Village
      Flying Bamboo in a Santal Village

      Flying Bamboo in a Santal VillageFlying Bamboo in a Santal Village is an art instalation made of bamboo pieces that the Mexican Alejandro Orozco designed and constructed together with villagers from Bortalpada Santal Village: Girish Soren, Chandrai Murmu, Bhimcharan Hansda, Salkhan Hansda, Motilal Hansda, Gopal Hansda, and the advice and help from Himadri Mondal, Raima Mondal, Sukla Bar and Lorena Rojas. Located on the north side of Trimukhi Cultural Centre, it was inaugurated during the Sixth Night of Theatre, on 9th February 2013. 



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      Fourth Night of Theatre

      Fourth Night of TheatreThe Fourth Night of Theatre took place on 5th September 2009 in Theatre UNAM, Mexico City, from 7 pm to 7 am of the next day. It was the première of 4 stage works by Rubén Ortiz  (Mexico), Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and Matthieu Mével (France, India, Italy), Víctor Viviescas (Colombia), Joseph Danan (France). Between each stage work, a musical performance was proposed by Rogelio Sosa (Mexico). The four stage works continued presenting in Theatre Juan Ruiz de Alarcón until 25th October 2009.

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      Nous n'habitons plus les paysages  Nous n'habitons plus les paysages 
      Nous n'habitons plus les paysages

      Nous n'habitons plus les paysagesWith:  Sukla Bar [TP], Gwenael Barrault [FFL], Marc Hatzfeld [TP], Benoît Mory [FFL], Maïa Nicolas [FFL] Music composed and played by Benoît Mory Choreography designed by  Maïa Nicolas Directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier [TP]



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      The thing that exists when we aren't there

      The thing that exists when we aren't thereWith:  Falguni Hansda, Gopal Hansda, Kajol Hansda, Motilal Hansda, Raïma Mondal, Chandrai Murmu, Alejandro Orozco, Lorena Rojas, Pini Soren Live music: Alexandre Jurain, Sukanta Bose Sound & music creation: Benoît Mory, Abraham Calvachi Additional music: "Goldberg variations" [J.S. Bach] by Kimiko Ishizaka Video: Jean-Frédéric Chevallier Lighting assistantsBhimcharan Hansda, Salkan Hansda Technical assistant: Himadri Mondal Collaborators: Alejandro Orozco, Sukla Bar Written and directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier


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